Welcome to my little corner of the scrapbooking/cardmaking world! I hope you enjoy my artwork made with the wonderful products from Close To My Heart and maybe learn a few life lessons as well! You can purchase the products used here through my Close To My Heart website! Be Blessed!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April 2014 Stamp of the Month

Balloon Talk - S1404

Now Is The Time To Sign Up!!


Hello everyone!  Happy April!  Can you believe it...another month has arrived and with it one of the most exciting reasons to join the Close To My Heart family ever!

Everyone who joins my team this month will be able to get a FREE...yes you heard right; FREE...Cricut Collection of your choice!  How cool is that!

And, as a  bonus, the first 3 individuals who sign up on my team will receive a FREE Picture My Life Kit of their choice. Just think, for $99 you will get over $400 in your kit.

You get to choose from one of these three collections:


Plus when you qualify for the *Straight To The Top program, you will be refunded the cost of your New Consultant kit!  So what are you waiting for?  You know you want to join, even if it's to get the cool discount on these fantastic products.  Just click on my Join My Team tab or contact me at happyscrapn48@yahoo.com.  We'll have a ball!

*Straight To The Top program-New Consultants must remit $1200 of commissionable sales in the first three months after enrolling.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

I have a confession to make...

...I've been cheating on my beloved scrapbooking and cardmaking.  I've found another craft that has got me so addicted, I can't wait to get up in the morning just to get a few stitches in before going to work!


I was introduced to this wonderful hobby while staying in Chapel Hill.  It was during a caregivers meeting.  Every week we did something different and one day they had these kits just lying on the table.  A few ladies were helping themselves and I must say I was intrigued being a seamstress.  Of course I'd heard of cross-stitching but I always thought it would be so difficult.  After all, we're talking about taking a blank canvas (or Aida as the case may be ), counting to make sure you place the stitches in the right place and changing thread during the process no less!  I just sat quietly to the side and ate my free breakfast.


Finally, my curiousity got the best of me and I stroll over and acted like I didn't know what was going on.  The kind instructor told me they were cross-stitching and asked if I wanted to make something.  I told them I've always been intimidated by the process and never tried.  She asked me did I sew.  Is grass green?  Of course I sew.  I've been sewing since I was at least seven.  She said if I could sew, I can cross-stitch. 

I was still nervous, but I took my time and with each stitch I thought, "Wow, this isn't so hard after all!"  From then on I've search the internet for all kinds of companies that specialized in catering to us "stitchers".  When I was in Chapel Hill, I only saw the British magazines which were great.  I bought a ton of them!!  But after getting home I found some wonderful publications that are found in the good old USA!  I am ALWAYS looking for the next project and if a kit comes on sale, you can bet I'm all over it!  And it is sooo relaxing.  Maybe because you have to pay attention to what you are doing so you learn to block out the outside noise.

Needless to say, it has taken up the majority of my time.  But isn't that's what having a favorite hobby is all about?  Doing something that will bring you great pleasure?  Of course, I will still be scrapbooking and making cards.  I've got too many pictures to stop!  But you are going to see a lot of my finished cross-stitch projects in the future.  I want to start cross-stitching the more complicated designs.  And trust me, this is just a FRACTION of what I've been doing since I've been home!LOL

For now, please enjoy my very first finished project.

Monday, March 3, 2014

March 2014 Constant Campaign

During the month of March, order your Studio J™ layouts—including ones using our new Photo Express Collection—for only $5 each! Quickly create gorgeous, personalized studio layouts using our wide selection of papers, collections, patterns, and embellishments.  And don’t forget to check out the templates in our new Photo Express Collection, which allow you to design layouts entirely comprised of photos in minutes.**

*Offer valid March 1–31, 2014. Studio J layouts ship in a protected box that can hold from 4 to 50 two-page  layouts. Minimum order of 4 layouts. Free JPEG of every printed layout. For additional information about  shipping and handling, please visit StudioJ.com > Products and Pricing > Shipping Options. 

**It is recommended that the matting feature not be used with the photo-only templates, the Photo Express  Collection, as matting may cause photos to appear misaligned. Close To My Heart does not assume any  liability for photos and Photo Express Collection layouts that have been created using the matting option  and will give no reprints or refunds in such cases.
Studio Savings Get your Studio J™ layouts for only $5 each during the month of March!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

February 2014 Stamp of the Month

                                  WILD ABOUT LOVE

February 2014 Campaign

Can't wait for my folders to arrive!

New 2014 Spring/Summer Idea Books Available!

I can't believe I forgot to tell you that our new 2014 Spring/Summer Idea Book is now available!  Guess I was too busy  OOOOing and HAAAAing at all the new goodies Close To My Heart has for us.  Every year it gets better and better!  New jewelry kits, new glitter papers and tapes, new patterned papers and stamp sets.  New to CTMH are EMBOSSING FOLDERS and PICTURE MY LIFE KITS(Our version of Project Life!)!!  To quote the little girl from Despicable Me 2, "I'M SO HAPPY!!!"  (If you haven't seen this movie, you have got to get it! Hilarious!)

I placed my order at the beginning of the month in hopes of having something to show you by now but the snow has held up my delivery! :-(  So why I patiently wait on my goodies to arrive, you can visit my website,http://debrablake.ctmh.com, and check out all the new arrivals.  Now, you can also order an Idea Book from my website so don't wait, order your copy today and you'll be oooing and haaaing just like me!

Happy scrappn' and be blessed!
Debra :-)